• European logistics, freight and supply chain

    European logistics, freight and supply chain

    Result-focused improvement of your European logistic competitiveness by achieving additional return from your logistic processes, service levels and logistic costs. Read MoreContact

  • 100% independent supply chain consultancy

    100% independent supply chain consultancy

    De Transportheker® is completely independent, does not receive any commissions and is not related to or affiliated with logistics or other market parties. We are also under no obligation to use services or means from specific logistics providers. This independent market position assures you the best solutions for your European logistics or transport issue. Read MoreContact

  • European Logistic and supply chain consultancy

    European Logistic and supply chain consultancy

    For temporary, interim or project-based support for European logistics operations you have come to the right place with De Transportheker ®.Warehousing, stock management, storage, customs, packaging, shipping and distribution. We help you in a professional way to get more return from your European logistic processes and logistic working capital. In a practical and result-focused fashion! Read MoreContact

  • European freight and distribution consultancy

    European freight and distribution consultancy

    De Transportheker® provides temporary, project-based or interim support for your European distribution, transport, warehousing and customs processes. We help you to quickly maximize the advantages from your European transport organization, shipment processes, transport costs and logistic service levels. From A to Z, you get in practice what we have promised on paper! Read MoreContact

European transportation and EU logistics experts de TRANSPORTHEKER®. On the right track!

Transport en logistiek adviesbureau De Transportheker helpt u goed op weg!Do you have distribution or logistics issues in Europe? Are you not fully satisfied with your current European supply chain operations? Do you believe it should be cheaper, easier and better? Do you wish to hire an expert European logistics consultant? Or are you struggling to find the right solution for your shipments in the European jungle of carriers, shipping agents and logistics service providers. De Transportheker® is happy to help. We are independent experts in European trade, transport and logistics. We improve the European logistics in your organization. And therefore reduce the costs. At the same time we also increase your logistics service levels in Europe.


We use a proven approach, which has been applied at more than 100 companies and which delivers excellent results. You are on the right track with De Transportheker®!



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