Independent European logistics consultancy

Transportheker-over-ons-transport-logistiek-adviesOur mission: result-focused improvement of your European logistics competitiveness by getting more return from your European logistics processes, service levels and logistics costs.

Our European logistics passion

Helping companies to make savings and improvements and relieving them of purchasing, transport and logistics concerns.

Our European logistics service provision

De Transportheker® is an independent European logistics consultancy agency specialized in various transport and logistical issues. We also assign qualified and experienced professionals in the areas of European trade, transport and logistics to European and overseas clients on a flexible basis. Finally, we offer full-service solutions and software to optimize your European logistics, warehousing, distribution, customs and packaging processes.


With our practical European logistics experience, up to date market knowledge, skilled staff members and advanced software we assist you in quickly gaining additional returns and benefits from your European logistics/transport processes, logistics costs and service levels. Our logistics focus lies on the efficient packaging, storing, processing and shipment of your products or materials to European customers/suppliers. Including the associated operational, financial and customs processes.

Qualified and experienced

Our qualified European logistics consultants and experienced European transportation consultants work for commercial enterprises, wholesalers, producers, online stores, importers, exporters and logistics service providers across Europe. Companies with their own transport fleet and in-house storage also frequently use our extensive logistics expertise.

No cure no pay

We use a result-focused approach with an attractive pricing scheme and a short payback time. For a number of services there is a no cure no pay policy: so that you can make savings and improve processes in advance without risks or investments.

Completely independent

De Transportheker® is completely independent, does not receive any commissions and is not related to or affiliated with logistics or other market parties. We are also under no obligation to use services or means from specific European logistics providers. This independent European market position assures you the best solution for your European logistics or transport issues. Do you have a temporary position, a project or urgent need for professional interim support in the European freight or logistics area? Please schedule a no-obligation appointment for a free orientation meeting: Contact