European & Dutch customs consultancy

Transpotheker-logistiek-douane-adviesDo you buy, sell or process products outside the EU? Or import products which originate from non-EU countries? Then you will automatically encounter customs and tax when exporting and importing. Does your company regularly import major quantities? First take a look at the website of the Dutch Tax Authorities, the business section, article 23, and use it to your advantage!

European & Dutch customs processing

Customs processing of an international trade transaction can be simple but also very complex. It has to take place in accordance with the rules and regulations. Otherwise you may be facing massive fines and additional tax assessments at a later stage, with many undesirable consequences. In short, prevention is cheaper than the cure!

Qualified expertise and practical experience in European & Dutch customs

We help you to get your European customs processes in order and to keep them that way. Our qualified and experienced Dutch customs consultants have a wide range of knowledge and experience in the following European customs issues:

  • European Customs software
  • Tax representation in Europe
  • European Customs consultancy
  • Export documents
  • Export administration
  • Incoterms and transport conditions
  • AEO, ECS and eCustoms
  • Permitted exporter licenses
  • Customs Bonded Warehouse in Europe or The Netherlands
  • Pricing, nomenclature and classifications
  • BTI, BOI and AO/IB
  • Import and export declarations
  • European VAT and import duties

Independent European & Dutch customs consultancy

Our fee depends to a large extent on the complexity of your EU customs issues. We also offer you the opportunity to hire a qualified independent European customs consultant on a project-based basis. Would you like additional information? Please schedule an appointment with our European customs consultants. Contact