European shipping processes


SMEs often have their own shipping, transport or export department where purchase or sales orders are processed operationally. Consider here, for example:

  • Managing of carriers, forwarders & transport rates
  • Grouping orders for transport (freight consolidation)
  • Creation of transport documents
  • Packaging labels and tags
  • Selecting the correct carriers & forwarders
  • Calculating European transport costs
  • Communicating transport orders to carriers & forwarders
  • Monitoring transport orders
  • Payment and auditing of freight invoices
  • Service, costs and management reports

Did you previously use telephone, fax, email, office or other traditional means for the above work activities? You can process your European shipment processes faster, better and more advantageously with our transport management software!

Solid European Transport Management Software

Our European transport management software was developed in the late 90s by a Dutch company, and is structurally being developed further.

At our request this is made suitable for SMEs. In this way SMEs can easily save time and money in their European shipping processes.

It is a reliable, internet-based solution where large and small companies process millions of shipments on an annual basis. At competitive rates. You will know in advance exactly what you will pay, what you get for your money and the benefits it offers you. A few characteristics:

  • Simple uploading of files from your office, ERP and/or WMS (warehouse) applications.
  • Requires no financial investments in advance.
  • No purchasing costs and annual maintenance costs.
  • Mostly free connections or email communication with your current carriers & forwarders.
  • Plug & Play: implementation possible within 2 – 4 weeks.
  • Professional support with preparation, design and maintenance
  • Simple to use, hardly requires any support after implementation
  • Solution-focused helpdesk
  • Clear and transparent pricing.

More benefits, simplicity and ease of use in your shipment processes

Our European Transport Management Software achieves the following benefits in your shipment processes, among other things:

  • Avoiding manual, error-prone and duplicate entering of various applications.
  • Creation and printing of shipment labels and transport documents.
  • Selection of the right carrier with the order based on the agreed transport prices.
  • Pre-calculated transport price calculation. You therefore know the freight costs in advance!
  • Transport orders are communicated to your carriers via a single application.
  • The status of your shipment can be viewed immediately within your system.
  • No need to manually enter orders on websites of various carriers as well.
  • Checking and auditing of freight invoices is child’s play.
  • Doing uniform business with one or many carriers and forwarders via a single system.
  • Extensive standard management reports “at the touch of a button”.
  • The possibility to export your data to Microsoft Office applications.

You can continue to do business with your current carriers. Only your company has access to your own secure data. At your request we can support you with the optimization of your direct freight costs and transport performance levels. However, this is your choice and therefore certainly not an obligation.

No-obligation demonstration

Do you want a no-obligation demonstration or a proposal? To know exactly how much you will save with our European transport management software? And where you will make improvements in your shipment processes?

Contact us for a no-obligation appointment and demonstration.