European transport prices and rates

Transportheker-extern-transport-inkoop-logistiekDe Transportheker® offers professional support with the procurement of European transport or logistics services from external parties such as carriers, shipping agents and logistics service providers.

This helps you get more operational, commercial and financial benefits from the storage and distribution of your packages, pallets, containers, partial loads and full loads domestically and abroad.

In addition, if you are dissatisfied with your current forwarders, are facing an increase of your ocean container, air freight or road transport rates or just want to test if your current European freight costs are competitive, then you are at the right place for objective advice.

Choose the right European carrier or forwarder

Selecting the best European carrier of forwarder for shipping your products across Europe seems simple: you request a number of freight quotes, compare them and make a decision. But have you approached the right European carriers? Europe has more than 750,000 transport and freight forwarding companies, there are more than 12,000 in the Netherlands alone!

The mutual price and service differences between European forwarders are significant. Search results of online search engines are often sponsored or manipulated. And therefore by definition not objective.

This often also applies to European freight and logistics comparison sites: these are often the property of European logistics carriers, offer limited choice or use a cost increasing commission model.

De Transportheker® has an extensive database of European logistics suppliers with thousands of European carriers, forwarders shipping agents and logistics service providers across Europe.

With our local European market knowledge, IT tools and NEVI-certified purchasing skills we assist you in finding the most suitable European transport solutions for your specific freight needs. You can, of course, continue to do business with your current or new carriers.

Comparing European freight & transport proposals

European freight proposals from carriers are often complicated with a chaos of terms, limiting conditions, weight classes, complex conversion factors and various fixed and variable charges for fuel, roadtax and other accesorials.. A correct comparison is therefore a time-consuming, complex and specialist affair. We have the expertise, tools and experience!

Do you wish to get more return and benefits from your European transport, distribution or warehousing agreements?

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