European Hub Consultancy

Transportheker-ondersteuning-inkoop-transport-warehousing-logistiekDo you wish to store more products on the same number of square meters? Get more return and benefits from your European warehouse processes? Increase productivity of your European warehouse staff members? Outsource European warehousing or storage activities to a European logistics service provider? Looking for temporary storage space in Europe?

For such European warehouse and storage issues you are at the right place. Maximize the advantage of your warehouse, staff members and processes in the EU!

Logistic costs in European warehouses, distribution centers and warehousing

Stocks, stock management, meters of warehouse space and staff members all cost money, room and risk. It is therefore important to organize this well. You and your customers do not want unnecessary high logistics costs and errors when storing, checking, order picking, packaging and shipping your products. An efficient design of your European distribution center, “idiot proof” work processes and smart stock management are therefore decisive for your European logistics competitive position and customer satisfaction in Europe.

We help you to organize this from A to Z, from analysis up to and including design. And from implementation to design, management and maintenance. The basis for your specific solution is formed by our European Distribution Center analysis.

The European Distribution Center (EDC) analysis

Each company operates differently, trades different articles and has customers with different ordering frequencies and delivery agreements. That is why we always start with a warehouse analysis where we can assess your improvement potential free, fast and expertly.

Here we look at the following points, for example:

  • Your products, product properties and geographical markets
  • Articles, stock management, order methods, order frequencies and turnover/turnover rate
  • Work processes and automation (warehouse management systems)
  • Warehouse design, internal transport and other supporting means
  • Personnel, planning, supervising and productivity
  • Insurances, energy use, packaging, waste and the safety in your warehouse

We also use this proven warehouse analysis when you want to research whether there is room for improvement of your current European warehousing and work processes.

The European warehouse concept

As independent European warehousing experts, we subsequently look at what the best European warehouse solutions are for your company and products. Therefore we only work in your interests, are objective and receive no commissions from warehouse-related suppliers, European logistics services providers or storage companies.

We have a wide network in the European logistics and transport sector. Here are the best parties in the area of warehouse design, racks, (material) handling equipment , packaging lines, insurance companies and warehouse management systems.

With the help of this network, tools and our practical experience in European warehousing and “value added logistics”, we formulate solution(s) on the basis of your specific profile where you can optimize your warehousing processes, and what it will offer you. We do this in a practical way and with clear everyday language!

Design, management and maintenance of your warehouse in Europe

We will then test the new warehouse concept on a small scale and subsequently implement the concept step by step within your organization. We will do this by using a proven method including implementation plan, progress reports and personal support on the work floor by our experienced staff members.

Customer-focused aftercare and regular maintenance are included in our standard service. You therefore get what we promise!

Looking for (temporary) storage space or outsourcing your warehousing activities in Europe?

Have you considered outsourcing your European warehouse and warehousing activities to a logistics service provider? We are happy to help you make a well-considered choice. We know the European warehousing market extremely well, including the rates for receiving inbound goods, storage, handling and other “value-added logistics” activities such as wrapping, order picking, packaging, labeling, etc.

Are you looking for (temporary) storage space or a packaging company for packing or repacking your products for the EU market? Please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be delighted to help you!

Affordable European warehousing consultancy

Our fee depends on the nature, scope and duration of the European distribution center consultancy. A no cure no pay agreement is also available. This allows you to still achieve improvements in your Europeanstorage and distribution processes without costs and investments.

Do you require additional information? Schedule an appointment with one of our European warehousing experts!