Independent European packaging consultancy

Transportheker-verpakkings-adviesSmart packing and crating will save you time and money. Well-thought out transport packing or crating results in the efficient storage, transport, handling and distribution of your products through your entire European logistics chain.

Good packing and the correct packaging materials also ensure the optimal protection of your goods in each step of the logistics process. Smarter and better packaging will give your company the following advantages:

  • Optimal transport costs per unit of product
  • Better use of your warehouse space
  • Lower packing and unpacking costs
  • Reduction of your transport damages
  • Efficient logistics handling
  • Less packaging materials

Good and smart packing or crating will save your company time and money and also prevents unnecessary stress and complaints from dissatisfied customers!

Independent guide in European packaging

An independent European packaging expert looks at what the best packaging solution is for your company in Europe. He looks at it from your perspective, is objective, proficient and does not get any commissions from European packaging suppliers.

As independent European packaging experts we have a broad international European network in the packaging world. This network contains the best packaging producers, designers and suppliers of packaging and crating. We look for the correct packaging solution at the right packaging company or packaging producer for your specific European packaging issues.

Our working method with EU packaging and crating

We always start with a packaging analysis on location. Here we quickly make a detailed assessment of your specific packaging issue. We subsequently look for the best possible European packaging solutions for your European packaging issues. If required, we personally design tailor-made packaging or crating for your specific needs ourselves.

Then we calculate the advantages our packaging solution will offer your company. After an extensive test phase and thorough preparation you definitively take the packaging in operation. We keep informed of how it is working for you. We want you to be satisfied and continue to be satisfied about our European packaging solutions!

Our fee depends on the nature, size and duration of the European packaging consultancy. A result-focused, no cure no pay agreement can also be discussed. In this way you can still achieve improvements in your packaging processes without costs and investments.

Do you wish to know if you can achieve improvements in your European packaging processes?

Please contact us for a free and no-obligation appointment for your European packaging issues: