Smart online European logistics

Transpotheker-webshop-webwinkel-logistiekOrdering and selling products via the internet is growing rapidly. Also in Europe. And this will continue to grow. Online or European E-commerce logistics is a profession in itself. Web logistics requires a specific logistic approach and expertise. For supplies to both businesses (B2B) and consumers (B2C) nationally and internationally.

The importance of satisfied European e-commerce clients

A dissatisfied European online customer simply searches for another online store. And will often leave a negative review on your website or an independent assessment website. A satisfied European online customer will purchase again. Give your online store a positive review. Which is a positive contribution to your online reputation. And therefore to more customers and turnover.

European E-commerce logistic processes determine the success of your online store

It is crucial for online stores to efficiently and effectively design their international logistics processes such as the European distribution policy, stock management, packaging, labeling, shipment processes and logistics information provision. Practice proves that successful online stores have their European logistics in order. That is no coincidence. Logistics are the digital grease for your online store!

“Full service” European e-commerce support for large and small online stores

We assist large and small online stores to streamline their international logistics. We offer “full service” support for this in the following areas:

  • EU Distribution policy
  • European Warehouse and stock management
  • Packaging tagging and labeling
  • European shipping and shipment processes
  • Logistics information provision to European clients
  • Integration of logistics information/shipment in your digital order processes
  • Purchase of transportation services from EU parcel services, couriers and express companies

Attractive discounts on EU transportation and parcel services for online stores

We give you as an online store an added advantage: as we already purchase transportation services from specialized European parcel services and carriers for various online stores, your transportation and parcel rates will often be lower than if you purchased these yourself. We do not receive a commission from carriers or parcel services! In addition, you will keep direct communication and collaboration with the relevant European couriers and parcel services.

Additional info? Please schedule an appointment with one of our logistics European E-commerce consultants!