Working Method – Expert European Transport And Logistics Advice

Transparent and clear in European transport & logistics

You will not be confronted with unpleasant “surprises” afterwards. Or annoying “hidden clauses”. You will know precisely what you will get and what the return will be for you in advance. And the fee we will charge you for our independent logistics services.

No cure no payr

No cure no pay is also possible: in this case, you only pay when you have a result. This means that you see where you can make savings or improvements without paying in advance. This will not take you long: we are the experts, quickly understand your European logistic needs and work according to a proven method.

A short payback time and excellent customer service

The investment you make in our European logistic services often has a short payback time. And the benefits are always higher than the costs. Extensive aftercare is included as standard in our European logistic service: we want you to be, and remain, satisfied!

Completely independent and objective in European transport & logistics

We have a 100% independent market position in the European transport and logistics market. We therefore do not receive any commissions or other types of rewards from suppliers in the European logistics or transport sector.

We are not in any way affiliated to transport companies, European logistics service providers or other European logistics organizations. In addition, we are in no way obligated or limited to doing business with one, or a limited number of, European logistics suppliers.

The best possible solution for your European transport or logistics issues

We offer you an objective and comprehensive insight into the possibilities and solutions for your specific European logistics, warehousing or transport needs. This ensures you the best possible solutions for your specific European logistics or transport questions..

Our transparent working method in a nutshell

Please find the bullet points of our proven working methods below. Do you require additional information? Please do not hesitate to contact us for a free introductory meeting with one of our European logistics or freight consultants.

1. Free: introductory meeting with one of our experienced logistics or freight consultants
2. Free: mapping of your European logistics or freight process issues
3. Free: draft commercial proposal
4. Free: explanation of commercial proposal
5. Carrying out agreed work activities
6. Evaluation of achieved results
7. Conclusion of project
8. Extensive aftercare and regular maintenance