DHL and Hermes parcel rates and prices in Germany as from 2015

Transport Advies Venlo Limburg

Deutsche Post DHL is set to increase its domestic parcel rates from January, 2015 while also rejigging its parcel sizes for private individuals.

The company’s DHL Parcel unit is launching a new-look packet category for shipping items under 1kg in weight, DHL Päckchen XS, from this weekend.

The new category is designed for particularly light shipments in time for Christmas, and will also suit smaller e-commerce merchants and eBay shippers.

A new-look category for parcels up to 5kg will be launched from January, with a weight class up to 20kg discontinued for private individuals.

From January, the reshuffle will leave DHL Parcel with six shipping categories — Päckchen XS (up to 1kg), Päckchen S (up to 2kg), Paket S (up to 2kg), Paket M (up to 5kg), Paket L (up to 10kg) and Paket XL (up to 31.5kg).


 DHL Parcel’s parcel-shipping line-up for private individuals will see the up to 20kg class removed, and an up to 1kg and an up to 5kg class added

The new extra-small packet category is being priced at EUR 3.75 when purchased online from 15 November, or EUR 3.95 from post office counters and DHL parcel shops.

From January Deutsche Post will be raising the price for some of its other packet and parcel categories. The small packet category (up to 2kg) will see rates rise 30 cents to EUR 4.29 when purchased online, and to EUR 4.40 when shipped from postal counters.

The 5kg parcel category will be priced at EUR 5.99 online and EUR 6.99 in-store.

Parcels up to 10kg will have prices starting at EUR 7.49, with parcels up to 31.5kg starting at EUR 13.99.

DHL Parcel traditionally competes with rival carrier Hermes Germany for the low-priced end of the intensely competitive Germany parcel shipping market. The market has been repeatedly criticized in recent years for overly restrictive profit margins in its pricing and the resulting impact on subcontractors.

While DHL puts its parcel rates up 7% from January 2015, Hermes Germany is expected to raise its rates a month later. The basic parcel is set to go up nine cents from its current EUR 3.80 rate, a 2% increase.


Source: parcel & post info, 11-11-2014